Stay there.

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Stay there. - research on all the dangers of closeness is online work created through a collaborative process between composer Maja Bosnić, ensemble the False Relationships and Extended Endings and online community.

Maja Bosnić (composer)

video materials: 
Yui Sakagoshi (saxophones, F.R.E.E. ensemble)
Christopher Moy (e.guitar, F.R.E.E. ensemble)
Nanae Kubo (percussion, F.R.E.E. ensemble)
Ibro Sakić (theatre director)
Katarina Gičić (music pedagogue)
Andreja Andrić (composer)
Steve Gisby (composer)

project coordinator: 
Ioannis Gerhard Paul (composer and one of F.R.E.E. ensemble's managers)

With the support of the 
Virtual Partner residency programme of Goethe-Institut



The work “Stay there.” for three videos in three tabs is an online piece created through collaboration between Maja Bosnić, ensemble False Relationships and Extended Endings and online community. The viewers start all three videos from the web page: and can switch between tabs to catch the sources of sounds that they are hearing.

“Stay there.” relates to every-day life of humans in 2021, showing different rooms filled with objects most of us have at home and joining their sounds together in an online video installation that travels between sound art and contemporary music. You, the viewer can feel comfortable staying at home, in your room, switching between three tabs on your browser to catch the sounds of other humans that are comfortably distanced and isolated in their rooms, yet intimately closely present on and around their cameras in this work. 


The work is built from seven video materials that were cut and manipulated in order to accompany one another, sometimes even joining in sync as a choir, while at other times, deliberately unrelated. Each of the videos has its permanent place of residence inside of one of the three final screens and remains in its positions throughout the piece. While developing the work from small fragments, to bigger sections, to its final form, I allowed myself to be caught and lead by both video and sound sequences. Therefore, certain decisions were made in order to respond to the visual result, while others prioritized the sound. All videos maintained their original sounds, apart from one small trickery in the end.

Additional layer to this online music installation is music score for saxophone, percussion and electric guitar, that is played on top of these videos. The score was inspired by the original sounds from videos, in their raw as well as manipulated forms.Since the score is performed by the trio of F.R.E.E. ensemble: Yui Sakagoshi (saxophone), Nanae Kubo (percussion) and Chris Moy (electric guitar), it can easily be adapted to a performance on stage in the future, with three video projections and live musicians.